Petro Kohan Sarv Co Ltd, abbreviate Petrox Ltd has established to serve Iranian Oil and Gas field companies regarding supplying mechanical equipments.


With the close connection of Iranian Oil , Gas and petrochemical companies, we are offering mechanical equipmets inquired by the customers. We have safe distribution channels and reliable partners globally who support us to supply mechanical instruments like Pump, Vlave, Compressors, Pipe and fittings to the Iranian market.


Petrox Ltd is vendor supplier of Iranian Marine and drilling fields and supplying mechanical equipments like Flexible hose, Drill bit, Drill collar, Drill Pipe, to the Iranian market. 


Iran is the world second oil and gas country, this makes us big advantage to export Iranian petrochemical products to any global markets. We are exporting Bitumen and base oil to global customers, but have possiblity to supply any Polymer or Chemical products based on customer inquirement. 


We have access to IME/Iran Maerchandise Exchange center who as a stock market supply chemical and polymer products on daily basis. We can supply and allocate their products to our global customers, we welcome any global customers to do business with us.